29th Guadalajara International Film Festival (FICG)

The Argentinean movie Natural Sciences (Ciencias Naturales), directed by Matias Lucchesi, swept up the prizes in the Ibero-American Feature Film Section — the Mayahuel awards for best film, best screenplay and Paula Herzog and prize best actress (shared by Paula Hertzog and Paola Barrientos). The film also received the the Feisal award (Latin American Film Schools) trophy.




The Company

SALTA LA LIEBRE was formed in 2013 after years of hard work and an extensive search for creativity. Different projects and ideas needed a means to become actual films, and that's how the company was born.

Our goal is to make good movies, though it's easier said than done. Our experience with "Natural Sciences" showed that, when a project is honest and tells something people may find interesting, it's only a matter of focusing and working hard on the right direction until its completion.